Who are GoShorty?

GoShorty is one of the UK’s leading temporary vehicle insurance providers, having fast become the most well-known brand in the sector, whilst also being the fastest growing company to provide short-term Car, Van and Learner Driver Practice Insurance.
We help thousands of motorists across the UK each week to obtain fully comprehensive insurance on a car or a van from just 1 hour to 28 days. GoShorty specialise in offering immediate, on demand, pay as you go, flexible, low cost solutions to UK residents with a valid driving licence, that need to be on their way in less than 2 minutes.

What is temporary / short-term vehicle insurance?

Temporary or short-term insurance is comprehensive car, van or learner driver cover that lasts from 1 hour up to 28 days (or 6 months for learners). It can be taken as immediate start or any future dated duration of the drivers choice in the next 28 days.

Why use GoShorty

  • Take an unaccompanied test drive for any duration from 1 hour to 28 days.
  • Temporary van insurance for drivers aged 19 to 75
  • Learner driver insurance for drivers aged 17 to 69
  • Temporary under 21 car insurance for students and learner drivers
  • We cover vehicle values from £1 to £65,000 (some limitations apply)
  • Cover available from 1 hour to 28 days for cars and vans (1 day to 24 weeks for Learner Driver Insurance)
  • Easy to use online quote form, get short term cover in minutes
  • All policies are fully comprehensive
  • Can be used to cover business use on a private car

GoShorty allows you to:

  • Share a vehicle – some drivers may only drive occasionally
  • Lend a car to friends or visitors
  • Borrow a van to move house or transport a heavy item
  • Provide driving practice to a learner driver
  • Test drive a car being privately sold

Market Leading Panel of Insurers

  • Wide Acceptance Criteria
  • Competitive Pricing
  • 2-minute Quote and Buy Online
  • Documents delivered straight into customers inbox
  • 1 hour to 28 days durations
  • 4.9 Star “”Excellent’ Trustpilot Rating